The Arc serves people with Developmental Disabilities 
What are developmental disabilities?

Developmental Disabilities is the universal term for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities which includes, but are not limited to, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, irreparable brain injuries, and autism spectrum disorder.


The Arc of Greater Williamsburg serves young adults as they age out of special education in our public schools at age 22. Since 1976 we have provided 8-10 monthly activities and programs in the evenings to enhance their quality of life and reinforce their abilities. Additionally, we conduct a Day Support Program, four days per week, offering continuing education, life skills, and vocational training.


The byproduct of our programs and services is the respite time provided for caregivers, often telling The Arc that if not for our programs and activities, they would never get a break! In addition, the monthly programs provide the opportunity for over 400 community volunteers to interact with our clients, cultivate lifelong friendships, and further enrich the lives of our Arc family members.

How does The Arc of Greater Williamsburg serve people with developmental disabilities?

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities through community activities and advocacy. Our Vision is driven by the opportunity for hope, for growth, for change; the opportunity for everyone to become a valued, contributing member of their community. Our goal is to be the champion of individual rights for all people with developmental disabilities and to continue to develop programs to sustain this cause.