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                                                    Meet Mandi & Ryan!  They both have Up syndrome.  Have you ever heard of “Up syndrome?”  It is pretty                                                         common at The Arc of Greater Williamsburg and very catchy.  Even members without Down syndrome                                                                 eventually catch “Up syndrome” and it’s a wonderful thing!  Two members who usually lead the way are                                                                 Mandi Morris and Ryan Freeman.  Mandi and Ryan are your average young couple living in our                                                                                 community. It is definitely their attitude and outlook on life that make them both so special, not a disability.


                                                    Mandi is pursuing her dream of becoming an actress through AMTC (Actors, Models, Talent for Christ).                                                           Like many young women, she is a fashion diva and very gifted.  She has taught herself sign language,                                                                   loves reading biographies of famous celebrities, dancing, making greeting cards, and spending time with                                                               Ryan. Ryan works at Walmart and is your typical young guy.  He is very athletic and enjoys playing his                                                                   Wii, listening to music, sleeping, and spending time with Mandi.  They are both active in Special Olympics                                                             and Ryan won a gold medal in 2003 in Ireland!  They both love to stay active and The Arc helps them do                                                                 this through weekly fitness classes. 


                                                    Mandi spreads “Up syndrome” by telling friends to, “Speak up for ourselves and show people that we can                                                       achieve our dreams and we never give up.”  Ryan agrees and wants everyone to, “Keep your head up and                                                             never let people put you down.  Follow your dreams and follow your heart.”




More Honored Athletes will be added soon!