List of Community Resources

 In addition to our programming, we are committed to providing parents, families, and caregivers the information needed to best support your loved ones.

Please see the list below to find resources local to the Greater Williamsburg area. You will also find find Statewide and National resources.  Included are resources for information on common waivers, national disability support sites, and the Virginia and national sites for The Arc.

If you have any questions about local resources, please feel free to Contact Us. 

The Arc of Virginia

The Arc of Virginia works on the statewide level to protect the rights of those with developmental disabilities. They promote the full inclusion and participation of those individuals in their communities.


The Arc

Much like Arc of Virginia, the national branch of Arc champions the rights of those with developmental disabilities. Their site also provides information on various disabilities and current legislation.

Child Development Resources

CDR is a comprehensive resource for physicians, teachers, and parents. They provide answers for anyone who has a question about infant or toddler services throughout the Historic Triangle.

Center for Children with Disabilities

This page offers a comprehensive overview of most infant, childhood, and toddler disabilities. It also serves as a source to help you connect with disability services in your state.


A site published by the Peninsula Agency on Aging allows you to search all available health services in the area. Some of the resources on this page include home health support as well as adult day programs.

Regional Housing Specialist

The Regional Housing Specialist, through the Department of Behavioral Health &Developmental Services work to increase the availability and access to affordable and accessible housing for individuals with a developmental disability.  The Specialist for Eastern Virginia is Kim Rodgers and can be reached at



Versability works with those who have developmental disabilities to find employment and housing opportunities.


Virginia Navigator for Easy Access

This site allows for a search of local services, whether or not you know exactly what you are looking for.

Below are direct links to information on common disability waivers:

    -Alzheimers Assisted Living Waiver


    -Day Support Waiver


    -Elderly or Disabled with Consumer Direction Waiver


    -Individual and Family Developmental Disabilities Support Waiver


   -Intellectual Disabilities Waiver